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Top 5 Cutest Dogs to Add to the Family

Proud Digital Media loves a trusty canine companion! Check out some cute doggies to consider adding to the family. Make sure you adopt from an animal shelter so you can give those puppies a chance at a happy home. Check out your local animal shelter to see what dogs are in YOUR area!


If the wrinkles don’t have you sold, their pudgy rolls sure will! English Bull Dogs can be a great lazy companion.  However, their breathing problems, joint issues, and eye problems can definitely rack up your credit card. Take this into consideration before adopting a bull dog.





Corgis are taking the world by storm. Their wiggly butts and floppy ears grab the attention of everyone nearby. They are a great breed with high energy. Make sure you take them on plenty of walks as they tend to chew and bark a lot if they do not receive their walks!








Beagles are loving and lovable, happy, easygoing and companionable. They are very active, energetic, and need plenty of exercise. They tend to be vocal so make sure to keep them very active. These dogs are known to be good with other dogs and great with children.





The Collie is a native of Scotland, mostly of the Highland regions but also bred in the Scottish Lowlands and northern England, where she was used primarily as a herding dog She is a sensitive and intelligent dog, known for her undying loyalty and amazing ability to foresee her owner’s needs. She is a great family companion, and is still a capable herding dog. However, get ready to have a LOT of shedding in the home!



Pitbulls get a bad rap for being an aggressive breed. That is simply not true. Any dog can be aggressive and it all depends on how the canine is raised. Socializing the dog with other dogs and training the dog can result in an extremely loyal pitbull. I personally own a pitbull and she is extremely loyal and loving to ALL animals including cats, dogs and even opossums! She is a loving dog to all and I love my pitbull!


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